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Larry King’s guides FTW

This is either the worst or best idea I’ve ever had in my fucking life.
Larry King as the voice of Geoff 

Larry King Geoff might have been one of the greatest things ever.

on last night’s episode of the Late Late Show, with guests Larry King and Sanjay Gupta.


larry really does have a crush on craig, doesn’t he?!


Craig Ferguson on Larry King Live back in 2009.



Top 20 guests on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

(in no particular order)

Larry King

  • Craig Ferguson: The only thing I liked about cocaine, in all honesty, was that it let you drink more. I swear. I mean, I tried taking it once, you know, without alcohol around, and I was like, this is just... turns you out a jerk.
  • Larry King: I thought you can't mix the two.
  • Craig Ferguson: Ohhh, bless you.
  • ---
  • Larry King: Did you ever try anything else with the two of them?
  • Craig Ferguson: What do you mean, heroin?
  • Larry King: You couldn't do coke, heroin, and liqour.
  • Craig Ferguson: Hahaha, bless you. You're like a little baby sometimes, aren't you?